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Do You Have What It Takes To Be An Effective Leader?

Do you wonder whether your leadership style is working in your favor and actually helping to motivate and inspire your team?

So often, people in leadership roles think that with a title comes influence, but in reality, leaders need to work in order to gain the respect and loyalty of the team they’re leading.

This 12-month newsletter is created to help you gain the insight you need in order to rise to the occasion and act as a transformational leader who can enact real change. During this experience, you can expect to learn all about building confidence, taking risks, establishing goals, developing an all-star team, finding your voice, and so much more!

Effective leadership is dependent on communication, organization, and managing different personalities within your team. If you recognize that your leadership skills could use some work but don’t know where to get started, this newsletter is for you. My goal for this experience is to help you recognize that becoming a fantastic leader is within your reach!

Some of the topics you can expect to learn more about include:
- Transformational Leadership
- Strategies to Build Confidence as a Leader
- Risk Taking for Success
- The Power of Feedback
- Influencing Youth
- How Businesses Benefits from Personal Growth
- And so much more!

I know you’re busy, so instead of searching around the Internet for articles and information about how to enhance your leadership skills, get all the information you need sent directly to your inbox, along with helpful tips and inspirational quotes.

Meet Coach Teon Singletary, Author Of This Newsletter

Teon Singletary is God-fearing, humble, and loves serving others. Born and raised in a small town call Trio, South Carolina. Currently serving in the Army National Guard now for 17+ years as an Officer.

Teon has two businesses: 1) SP Serves LLC, specializing in Graphic Designing and Self Book Publication; 2) Teon Singletary Leadership Empowerment (TSLE), which specializes in Professional Leadership Development and Life Coaching. He is a proud Executive Director of the John Maxwell Team; you may learn more at www.TeonSingletary.com. Because he loves learning and growing, he has invested in multiple mentors; John Maxwell, Les Brown, Roddy Galbraith, Paul Martinelli, Joseph McClendon III, and Kyle Wilson just to name a few. He was named the top 20 Finalist of the March 2021 John Maxwell Team Culture Awards and the top 10 Finalist of the March 2021 John Maxwell Team Stage Time; from a group of 39,000+ members.

Teon goal in life is to dramatically change the mindsets of the world by adding value to people, one person at a time. He wants to help those who are ready to be helped and bring back hope into the hopeless eyes. Teon knows that he can't do this alone. That's why he needs you with him. So, will you join Teon on this journey call life?

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Coach Teon Singletary

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